UPNXT was founded in 2018 upon the foundation of Working Hard in Silence with the goal of achieving A STRONG MENTALITY. We believe that A STRONG MENTALITY plays an important role in getting to the next level of life. Weak minds tend to achieve weak results, whereas strong minds achieve strong results. To be STRONG MENTALLY means that we know that certain things are out of our control, and the only thing we are in control of is how we respond (or don't respond) to something. It also means that we try our best to not let our emotions get the better of us. A STRONG MENTALITY means that we are constantly working on being exceptional in these aspects of life: 

1. Spiritually- Being strong in this pillar allows us to connect with people and situations better. Spiritual Intelligence allows us to be conscious of things in this world that are unseen, but just as vital to be aware of. It also manages anxiety in this fast paced world where we cannot seem to slow down sometimes. And as always, Gratitude is a must!

2. Physically- Health is Wealth. Feeling healthy and feeling great about yourself is not a luxury, it's an absolute necessity. 

3. Intellectually-  Being an effective communicator is essential to almost anything you want to accomplish in this life. "Wise Men Speak Because They Have Something To Say, Fools Speak Because They Have To Say Something"- Plato. 

4. Financially- It goes without saying that money is at least a little bit important. The secret of wealth is doing more for others. However, this is a very vague statement. So run with us and let us be your guide to achieving greatness!

All pillars are equally as important as the other. True happiness lies within finding the balance among these FOUR PILLARS.